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Default Berling Vieux Labbe Gold Label Rhum

I was lucky enough to finally receive a bottle of Berling Vieux Labbe Gold Label Rhum from Haiti today from one of my rum mules (emloyees). I had been trying to hunt down a bottle of this for a long time. Even though I have about ten Haitian employees in our company they appear to have little rum knowledge considering the imbedded rum/clairin culture in the country.
Normally when asked to bring me back a bottle of rum I only get a bottle of Barbancourt or some kind of clairin in a used plastic water bottle. This time I gave the mule a photograph and plenty of US $'s.
There appear to be four rums in their range, a gold label (which I received today), a white label (which I already have), a black label and a red label. Any information about their differences appears to be hard to impossible to find.
Ironically a member of the original Linge family from Germany, who own the company had recently contacted me after reading the page on my website about Haitian Rhums and Clairin. I had posted a story about Berling rhums and he wanted to know if I had any contact addresses for the company and his long lost descendants. A quick search today found a Facebook page for Berling rhum and a photograph of Herbert Linge, the president of the company with Ian Burrel. Hopefully they will now be re-united.
Anyway, I will sit down with this rum and give it a good taste, then post a few tasting notes on it. L.Perry had noted on this site before that it was thought the rum was a blend of cane juice and molasses rums, which give a unique profile to this rum. If nothing else it has an interesting story behind it!!
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