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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Keep us informed Rumelier, I have received one bottle from my brother-in-law last January, and did not open it yet. I'd like to use it in our rum flights, but I am not sure how to introduce it.
Ben, perhaps introduce it as spiced rum since it is not straight rum like Paul says. Thats what I would do atleast.

I had a quick taste of this rum at IPB last year and I liked it, at the moment I didn't notice any obvious flavourings, though admittedly I had been sampling a lot (A LOT!!!) of rum after I tried this rum.

Either way based on that sampling I would be interested to try it again, perhaps a bit less rummed up .

Originally Posted by TheRumelier View Post
A really quick first impression and not a true review. I just had a glass of El Dorado 5 YO in the new bottle before this, so it might not be a fair tasting as ED5YO has to be one of the best value rums ever.
CBBG Dark colour, but not as dark as anticipated.
Aroma is pretty good, heavy rum with lots of burnt sugar/caramel, smelt more when sniffing from the bottle.
Initial taste was pretty good then it just changed completly and seemed to fade and change to a different lighter rum. I think I was quoted in Miami as saying "If it's from Jamaica it should be good" (about Jack Tar rum from Jamaica and bottled in S.Africa)
This rum is made by JW&N who won't put their name on anything bad and after a couple of sips it does grow on you. You can taste it's Ja. heritage, heavy, dark and sweet. I think it is a reasonable rum that has had caramel in large ammounts added to it (as the owner admits to) so would be good as a floater or in a cocktail that requires a strong rum flavour, ideal with a coconut rum and comes in a nice package. Thanks again to my sister-in-law for picking this up and especially for spending $100 on an Edwin Charley Foundation for me, way beyond the normal calls of duty!!
Rumelier, thanks for reminding me, I need to get those Edwin Charley bottles for my collection .

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