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In order to avoid paying import taxes and such Canadian Law allows distillers to add a certain percentage of liquid content. I am going out on a limb here as I am not familiar with the exact proportions, but water is a liquid. My believe is that the rum is shipped to Canada in bulk, and bottled here where the majority of the addition is water to bring the spirit to 40 percent by volume. I think the percentage of actual rum distillate added is less than 2 per cent. (I may be wrong about water being added. When I am not sure of details like this I do not like to incorporate the information into the review but I do not mind discussing it here.)

Now according to the Appleton rep, the rum distillate added must conform to taste standards set by Appleton. My Knowledge of John Hall who owns Kittling Ridge, is that he is a demanding individual who does not cut corners. I personally believe the Canadian VX is no more different from the Jamaican VX as one batch will be from another. This is a small batch product and each batch will have small differences which are smoothed out by blending. But I agree it would be interesting to do some comparative testing.
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