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Default Anyone else banned from the Ministry of Rum Facebook Group?

I thought it might be a useful to start a thread where people banned from the Ministry of Rum Facebook group can identify themselves. I doubt many of those removed from the Facebook group will have been active here, but you never know.

For what it's worth, I was removed back in March/April without warning or notification. Only one of the numerous admins responded to my queries about the reason for my sudden removal. That admin (Gergo Murath) alleged I had made "disparaging and/or aggravating comments towards marginalized people and women", engaged in "punching down" and "bigotry", and compromised the "safety" of group members. The same admin refused to specify where I had done these things.

At least one other person I know of was blocked from the group around the same time as me. No doubt there will have been many others.

Perhaps this can be a place where those removed from the Ministry of Rum Facebook group can identify one another? We could even share stories.

This is not only a Ministry of Rum Facebook group phenomenon. The same is happening across multiple rum-related Facebook groups. For example, Global Rum Club and Tiki Recipes have blocked me, while UK Rum Club and Foursquare Rum Appreciation Society removed me but later changed their minds. No admin has ever specified my transgressions.
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