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Originally Posted by pourmeanother View Post
Finally a thread that talks about Ron del Barrilito in 2014! Every review/comment seems to date back to 2008/2009. Any reason why that is? It seems like a great small batch rum with a cool story. Given the lore behind it, I'm surprised why there isn't a fan base of enthusiasts talking more about it. The only reason I could think of is that maybe it isn't that good or that small batch rum fare hasn't taken off (like bourbon or tequila/mezcal have, for example).

That said, my fiancé and I are getting married in PR and I'm in charge of booze. I'm looking for a good rum. I'd prefer something economical but high-quality. I like Cruzan, but we're looking to support PR biz. Don Q is an option, but this Barrilito has intrigued me. However, I have yet to find a set of several reviews (more than 2) that rate the 2-star and the 3-star. What gives? Any tips on where I can find this? I'd love 3-star, but we'll be offering mojitos, etc. so the 2-star seems like it makes sense? Choosing between Don Q Cristal (white) and Barrilito 2/3-star. Thoughts? Thanks!

Sorry, I must have missed this posting. I can tell you that there are few rums I still can remember so strongly because of their unique complexity of flavors. This 3 star is one of them for certain. A straight sipper all the way. Do not mix this rum. I have never personally seen the 2 star rum available for purchase at any place I have been to before.

Don Q Crystal is a great mixer and should be actually cheaper than Cruzan. The Crystal for all mixing and the Barrilito for you and maybe a bottle of Don Q Gran Anejo, it is your wedding after all... I probably would not even mix the 2 star but I can't say for sure, but if the budget is there I'm sure these would make great mixers which will add much more rum flavor to the drinks as Don Q crystal is fairly Neutral when mixed. Or save on the mixers and just serve 3 star neat.

Why its not so popular .... Lack of marketing compared to other offerings from PR... lack of flashy updated packaging. Which is all fine and well let the real rum lovers in the know snap up the very few available bottles of this at a decent price instead of it skyrocketing from too much marketing and being placed in some fancy decanter with a huge cork.

As to where to get the 3 star... I believe the Chicago Lakeview Binny's carries it. In PR just contact the maker they sell their bottle in bulk at great discount... to anyone.

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