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Welcome to the forums. Zacapa Centenario is a great rum. From your comments I get the impression you really like the smooth, sweetness you found in Zacapa. And from your post, it sounds like your palate is maturing.

Originally Posted by pcguy View Post
Here is my problem, did I commit the worst sin by sampling probably the best rum ever first? I have procured some Zaya grand reserve, been through several bottles of Centenario Fundacion XX and Centenario Commemorativo when I can't get the Ron Zacapa. What other excellent rums in a similar vein am I missing out on?
There are no sins committed here at the Ministry. No confessions, no judgments and no penance required. The only requirement is that you have an open mind and share your experience.

It's unfortunate that some of the rums you mention have changed considerably in the last few years. Bacardi Anejo was one of my favorites thirty years ago, before Bacardi began bringing in that rum from Mexico. Today that rum is quite different compared to what used to come out of Puerto Rico.

From your comments, my guess is that you'll find Gosling's Old Rum to be too dry for your taste, but I encourage you to try it when you have a chance to taste it without buying a bottle.

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