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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
I'm told Mount Gay will have a new (white?) rum probably by the end of the year, though that could change, this forum is titled rumors.

I never understood Mount Gay Special Reserve, that slightly tinted rum with the bland label. The first time I saw it I thought it must be something that got lost in the distributors warehouse, then I tasted it and still didn't understand what it was supposed to be.

But I'm assured that their new rum will be worth the wait. I for one, look forward to this new entry in the rum market.
Here it comes. Effectively a new white rum from Mount Gay was launched this month in Barbados.
Some friends brought me back one bottle from their cricket trip.
The name is Eclipse Silver. I am not usually a white rum drinker, but this one is really nice, round, not harsh as some white rum. It as some banana aromas and to make a Mojito is excellent.
I didn't see this product in France yet (yes I am french, sorry) but may be it is already available in some country like UK, Australia or US.
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