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I like Cruzan mango rum the best. I made a mojito the other night by mixing lots of mint with the juice of a lime, a pinch of bar sugar, a splash of Monin passion fruit syrup and a good measure of the rum. Top with club soda and it's a refreshing treat to ring in summer. If you had some fresh mango, I would chop a bit up and muddle it wit the mint.

I've tried Malibu and Parrot Bay mango rums, too, and they're OK for mixing, if a bit more cloying than the crisp, more natural flavor of the Cruzan.

I'm not a fan of blended drinks on the whole, but if it's really hot out and I have a group of friends over for the afternoon, I make this daiquiri, and it's always a crowd-pleaser: Blend plenty of ice, frozen strawberries (and maybe some frozen pineapple, too), passion fruit juice and mango rum.
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