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Originally Posted by KINGSTON View Post
RUHM BARBANCOURT 4yr. Just picked up a bottle. Great taste. I see their is also an 8yr. What seems to to be the verdict on these two?
Classic rum-tasting rum. Made with pride in Haiti. The 3 star, four year old rum is a great base for mixing cocktails, or enjoying on the ricks. The five star, 8 year old rum is an all-time classic great rum. Rich, smooth, full-flavored. The 15 year old Estate Especiale, sold in the US in a frosted bottle is more mature, more complex, luxurious. In the islands, they still sell Reserve du Domaine, the original, 15 year old with a number on each bottle. I keep a good supply of this great rum on hand, always one in the freezer.
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