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Default Gifted Rums of Puerto Rico Tasting - some quick notes

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a rum tasting event featuring some notable rums from Puerto Rico. We started with the new Limon flavored rum from Don Q, which is delightful straight or on the rocks, or in a mojito as we discovered. We also sampled Don Q Anejo and a new spirit to be introduced to the US market soon, Don Q Gran Anejo. The Anejo is perhaps the classic Puerto Rican gold rum, worthy of being enjoyed on the rocks, or mixed in a fine cocktail. The Gran Anejo, originally blended to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of Puerto Rico, takes the fine flavor another step in the direction of greatness. We also tasted the classic Barrilito Three Star, a clear favorite among rum enthusiasts on the island. The surprise of the evening was another fine product soon to be introduced to the US market, Reserva Aneja by Trigo. Finally, we tasted the Private Stock from Captain Morgan, a spiced rum more suitable for sipping that their standard spiced rum.
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