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I was lucky enough to receive a flare glass from Spirit Sippers, and I must say, it is excellent. I decided to start off with big, rich aged rums, so I tasted Appleton 21 and Angostura 1824. I agree with those before me, that this glass allows the true essense of the rum to come forward, with just a small amount of the alcohol. Also, A good note here is to only put about 1/2 inch of rum in the bottom af the glass, so it sits inside the bowl portion at the bottom. This allows the aromas to collect and move up to the flared portion. If the bottom is too full, you lose a little of this effect. This is also a geat glass for sipping on a night when you would like to sip 3 or 4 different rums, as it only takes a small amount for a large amount of enjoyment. The glass is also very comfortable on the lips. The only suggestion I have, in agreement with the others, is for the stem to be a little longer, maybe an inch or 2. I am going to continue experimenting with rums of different flavor profiles and intensities, and will post my thoughts. I am also going to aquire a set of these, and a couple of other glasses from Spirit Sippers for scotch and bourbon. It is definitely the best tasting glass I have tried for rum.
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