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Originally Posted by RobertBurr View Post
I have the Flare from Spirit Sippers in hand this evening and started off my testing with a small portion of Appleton Master Blender's Legacy.

I am very impressed. The shape is wonderful. The little pot belly holds a healthy portion of spirit for evaluation, while the flare allows the nose to get a good sampling of the aromas of the rum.

My initial impression is that in comparison to my favorite Riedel rum sipper, I detect less alcohol and more rum aroma in the nosing, giving a more accurate indication of the rum essence. The base is large enough to be steady and the glass is substantial enough so as not to feel too delicate.

I find myself wishing the short distance between the base and vessel was just a bit farther apart; a slighly longer stem might be nice to allow the fingers to get between the base and belly of the glass, but this is a minor issue that I'm sure I can get used to in time.

I have a new favorite sipper for fine rum.
That looks to be a variation of the "Thistle" shape, which works quite well. It is also preferred by some Malt Whisky imbibers. Looks like a keeper there.
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