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Default Special event cocktails

I missed Ed's challenge on SuprBowl Sunday for the best festive cocktail.

I'm not big on mixes, but I put a little punch together one year that now is the talk of the town.

Punch infusion:

I cut up a range of fruit, what ever tickles your fancy (banana, pineapple, peaches, berry, apple, pear, and other tropical fruits). They become the Ice cubes.

Each party choose the rum that has made you smile, thinking life is good. Chill a fresh bottle.
Chill a bowl
Chill a bottle or two of ginger beer or a pop or juice you feel will compliment the drink but not take over the flavour of the rum. Just add enough mix to create caracter, a gentle bouquet that makes someone say nice as a passing gesture.
So in the chilled bowl we have the rum, the mix, and fruit as Ice cubes.
The beauty of this punch is the frozen fruit release their flavour at different times, the ice rum, bowl and fruit add the touch of water to wake up some of the flavours in the rum. I have omitted the ginger beer once and froze some fresh ginger slices, which created a spicy overtone once we got down to the second bottle of rum, and complimented a fine cigar with the boys once the girls were giggly.

Try it. Punch infusion
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