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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
It isn't unusual for rum to take on flavors that we associate with bourbon or whisky. The question I end up asking is does this rum taste like bourbon or does this bourbon taste like rum. The taste of smoky oak, vanilla and wood are tastes found in almost all aged spirits whether it's rum, whisky or cognac.
Along a similar train of thought....When i first opened my Mount Gay XO, I mixed a drink for my wife (with coke) and she didnt believe me that it was even rum. She had thought it was Rye (Crown Royal specifically). I am not a huge Rye drinker either, but it does have a similar taste (at least to me). Maybe my palate is not as refined as it needs to be, who knows.

Based on what I have heard other say about MG XO, it seems to be at one extreme of the taste profile spectrum (the dry and not sweet side). Perhaps this is not typically where rum normally goes with their flavours, but I still like the XO nonetheless. I still have not gotten to the point where I can start "sipping" yet though...I will start when I have something sufficiently sweet to begin with.

Any further thoughts on this comparison with rye?
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