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Default Refined Vices.

Refined A gentleman's guide to life's more refined vices.

Welcome to my new rum, whiskey and cigar review website! I will mostly review rum on this website so I thought this thread would be best suited in this forum.

Rum has recently become a passion of mine, even in this desolate country that is sahara for rums. I created Refined Vices for a few reasons that bugged me when trying to find information about the next rum I was going to purchase.

One of them was that most sites descriptions are very short and do not offer a lot information about the taste for example. These sites also do not have proper pictures, this is why I will have high quality pictures of the product on my website (photographed by me). I'm going to try to keep the overall quality of the website high as well. Consistency is very important to me.

I have also created forums where you can discuss about my reviews and different articles or create a topic of your own.

If you wish to help me in my efforts you may send me articles. I have explained user submissions on the websites Frequently Asked Questions section in greater detail.

I will try post new reviews as often as possible but I will check the forums more often for new posts.

Any feedback is welcome.

Once again welcome to Refined Vices and remember to register! If you have any problems with the activation e-mail, send me an e-mail.

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