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Originally Posted by Rum Runner View Post
This is a bad thing???
Well, not really. The duty rate here is based on volume, so they are really getting two barrels of rum for the price of one. I talked to one of the lucky recipients yesterday and our plan is to drain 50% of the rum into a plastic barrel and water it down to 40 proof. Then do the same with the oak cask, which will continue to age. So he will have a 2YO gold rum at 40 proof and a cask that will continue to age for hopefully years to come. How fast can one person drink 210 litres of rum before he starts on the oak cask??? I thought about buying one. But I would have to lose the rest of my rum collection to fit it in the house and would probably have to drink nothing else for several years. My wife is pretty understanding about my love for rum but I think this could be pushing too far!!
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