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That sounds like a dangerous assignment indeed. Does the person responsible for that outrageous assault to their pride still work at Edrington? I'm sure everyone is still talking about it, and by the end of the conversation, they admit that they learned something, even if they don't mention that the Englishmen came to show them how to drink their whisky. That was a bold move on their part but I'm sure everyone learned a lot and they are better for the experience of seeing how others see and drink the spirit that runs through their veins.

There are more than a few cases where a producer just doesn't see how their product fits, or doesn't fit into the export market they are trying to build. It's hard to swallow the fact that this or that product works in one market but doesn't work at all in another, sometimes simply because something on the label is laughable in another market. When Kentucky Fried Chicken went to Taiwan they were almost laughed off the island. "Finger lickin' good" was translated to "Eat your fingers, they're good." Not exactly what the Colonel was trying to say.

Fifteen years ago I discovered thousands of barrels of aged rum, the result of a government owned distillery producing rum that no one on the island wanted to drink because they drank overproof white rum and not dark spirits. No one ever thought they could actually export it, but because it was a government owned distillery, the costs associated with all that aged rum didn't matter. They weren't paying for it, the government was.
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