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You pay $20 for Goslings??? Holy crap! Its like $13.99 here in PA.

You shoulda got the Tortuga White, that must be my favorite white rum that ive only had but a taste of. Id love to own a bottle!

What was the 4 Barbancourts, the 5, 8, 15, and white?

The Ocumare is a rum that I couldnt find, neither could others on this forum a few months back. They were out of stock.

No Angostura? That sucks... but I guess you made out okay!
Yep - sad but true... most stores near me (which isn't many) and the few I've gone into up in the Chicago burbs all have Black Seal for $19.99.
Goslings Gold is usually $16.99.

I thought about getting the Tortuga White based on your previous comments, but I opted for the banana because I can get Trotuga White and Gold at home as it is well stocked locally.

Yes - you nailed the Barbancourts available!

Ocumare was well-stocked. There were a couple other rums I'd not seen before, but names escape me right now.

Interesting omissions:
No Matusalem
No Doorly's
No Inner Circle
No Zacapa

They did have RdB 2 star and 3 star.
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