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I had a great time last night and enjoyed a lot of terrific rums. It was my first time trying Vizcaya, and I was blown away by this terrific & essential rum. As others mentioned above, the Hispanola Mamajuana rum has a very unique flavor, and I'm excited to track this down and add to my collection. Also, I have to mention the Mount Gay 1703-- at $100 , it's very pricey, but I think the congac-like dryness and its wonderful nose will make it hard for me to pass by if I see it on the shelf. I also enjoyed Santa Teresa's flavored offerings (the orange and the coffee rums-- natch I'm a big fan of their other rums). El Dorado had a 3 yr white rum that I thought was pretty darn good. The Neisson offerings did not impress me, but I enjoyed trying them. And while I'm not a huge fan of cachaca, the Cabana Cachaca was a good offering that I would consider trying again.

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