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Originally Posted by erickaye View Post
Even at 1/4 shots,
I have no idea who was filling your glass my friend...but I actually had to tell quite a few to be easy on me. Thats not something I ever thought I'd be doing.

I finally got to meet Ed, RumBar Philly, and leisure master. We must have crossed paths erick but my head is still pounding so it might be awhile until I remember.

To summarize, this was a blast! And if you have the ability to attend in the future, do. I heard from several that it was even better than last year which is something you like to see happen. I am very, very impressed with Ed and this tasting. Ed was running around MAKING things happen early on, and what impressed me the most was that he MADE time to talk to me. That is very dear to me and I can not begin to describe how much I appreciate it. Kuddo's again and a better posts describing the rums to follow.
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