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Originally Posted by Dood View Post
I obviously need to explore deeper into this whole rhum agricole scene...
Dood, apart from the obvious wonderful Ti punch and Punch vieux, try scooping out a Pineapple, muddle some of the fruit in a mixing glass, add the juice of 2 limes, 2 tblsp honey-mix, 5 ml orgeat, 25ml 100 proof agricole blanc, 25 ml aged agricole and shake with ice very quickly. Fill the pineapple with crushed ice, strain and pour. Add Ting.

The problem with honey mix is the milk solids that forms when the mix gets chilled. Make the honey mix with one part butter (if possible use clarified butter) and equal part sugar that you heat and mix together and then add some JW&N overproof rum.
You want a smooth creamy sauce.
Keep just above room temp when adding to the mixing glass. I sometimes shake and ignore the milk solids..when drunk from a pineapple you don`t see them..but the drink is fabulous!

Or use this honey mix (1:1 honey and water, heat but do not boil, then cool it and bottle it; will keep 2 weeks in fridge)
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