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Default Review: Macombo 20 Anos Anejo Rum

I have developed many new friendships since I started blogging about rum and whisky. In fact, I have a little tasting/get together every two weeks or so, and I usually invite some of my old friends, and some of my new friends. The idea is that we each bring something to try; we taste it together; and we learn what we like and dislike.

One of my new friends, (Jason from the Ministry of Rum) brought a bottle of 20 year old Mexican rum to the gathering about two months ago. After the tasting he generously left me with enough rum to complete a review. (I am blessed to have generous friends).

The Ron Macombo 20 year old rum is distilled by Licores Veracruz, S.A. de C.V. According to their website the 20 year old edition which I sampled is called The Art Edition. The Art Edition is a throwback style of rum which uses old techniques of production, and then combines those techniques with modern aging to produce an aged rum of very unique taste and character.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

“…The Macombo 20 Art Edition is a style of rum that genuflects at the altar of old wood without apology. The rum embraces its age, and its time spent in wooden casks. In fact I would say the Macombo Art Edition is a celebration of old wood and cask aging….”

You may use the link to the full review here:

Review: Macombo 20 Anos Anejo Rum
The Rum Howler Blog

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