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Originally Posted by gatomalo View Post
It can't be found at Cancun airport (which has a very poor selection of rums). Playa del Carmen seems more promising than Cancun. I did a lot of footwork trying to find Mocambo 20 in Cancun. I found it eventually and bought the last two bottles in a small bottle shop somewhere on the strip. Most shops I entered had only the cheaper Mocambos. Even in the rest of Mexico (I went to D.F plus many other cities) I couldn't find it. It seems that the Mocambo 20 is a tough one to find if you don't know where to look for it, and there wouldn't appear to me much demand for it domestically (I would met 95% of it goes abroad).
Sorry, I would BET 95% of it goes abroad. [What happened to the EDIT function???]
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