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I edited my review to include the price I paid and a reference to how I view that in respect to value for money. I'm a guy that is frequently satisfied by a number of the $30-40 rums available here, and have even been surprisingly happy with some $10 bottles purchased as bargains, so bear that in mind. I think it's not fair to expect a $60 rum to be twice as good as $30 rum, or a $120 rum to be twice as good again as the sixty dollar bottle. It usually just doesn't work that way for anything. The last increments of perfection are always obtained with the greatest degree of effort.

In respect to Old Family Reserve, my observation is that the more mature the reviewer is in respect to his tastes in rum, the higher this rum seems to be rated. It may be a measure of my own "newbieness" that I am still trying to make up my mind.

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