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Hey Chip,..... let me save you and the Canadian authorities the trouble on the Plantation 20th Anniversary Barbados ,'s the bomb!.... An A+,... 2 thumbs up!,... 100 out of 100,... a 10.0 (forget what the Russian judge thinks!) ,...whatever anybody thinks. If you love Rum, you at least have to try this one out and judge for yourself. this Rum was so wisely recommended to me by Joergen;...

Originally Posted by joergen View Post
You wont get disappointed with this one. There are a couple of threads at this forum, that will give you a more detailed flavour profile.

Anyways I highly recommend it. Get it. Drink it. Get some more.
.....and bluewave6

Originally Posted by bluewave6 View Post
This is one of my current favorites and I have over 90 different rums in my collection. The flavor profile is amazing. It is probably one of the only rums I know that has such a distinct layered flavor profile. I taste coconut up front then it fades to vanilla, then burnt sugar and then finally a spiced profile. I love it!!
After several bottles and numerous comparison tastings, I still can find nothing to disagree with either's recommendation. If it's not my favorite Rum, it's at least one of them. I hope you find it as equally satisfying as I have.
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