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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Hi Chip,

A point I thought was worth mentioning. The VX that we drink in Canada is not bottled in Jamaica but in Kittling Ridge premises in the Niagara valley. You can read on the bottle distilled and blended in Jamaica, bottled in Ontario. According to Ed, the rum is blended with a small amount of rum distilled in Canada to reduce the taxes. I would be curious to do a side-by-side tasting with a bottle from Jamaica.

I don't see that mention on other Appleton by the way.
Damn I wasn't aware of that fact. How would Canadian rum added to VX reduce taxes? Is it similar to broadcasting where certain medias have to have Canadian content?

IMO...I would think that the taste of the VX is altered, no matter how slight, with the addition of the Canadian rum.

Would VX sold in the US be the pure stuff?
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