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Originally Posted by Hank Koestner View Post
Yes, I have seen the 93 and 95 down in the Islands, and they were expensive there also. I imagine they are very good, but they can't be much better than the 97. Remember, it is not the year on the bottle, but the time in the barrel.
Hello Hank,
youґr right and wrong. JM produce only vintages. You can taste in every bottle (vintage) the style of the destillery, but it is in each bottling a little bit different. I taste the 94, 96, 97 and 92. But for me is the 1992 now one of the best. But youґll understand it depends in wich mood i am? ;-) The 92 is very expencive here too. It is round abot 70 euros more than the others... and this rums are not really cheap.

If you can taste the Rhum Blanc 160e Aniversaire, youґv got a very, very fruity Rhum Blanc! Fantastic! It is in my opinion one for sipping.

Best regards from Berlin
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