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Originally Posted by tebow2harvin View Post

So I come here to this forum asking this:
Which is better on the rocks? 100 proof or Original? Also what about private stock?

My personal preference is Sweet and Smooth
100 proof is better than original. EVEN the unimpressive Sailor Jerry's is better than original.

Ppl seem to think the vanilla taste to Private Stock is fakier than the orange liquer taste to Pyrat, which just isn't the case. Before the end of my 1st bottle of Pyrat XO, I was slightly nauseated by it. I love the bottle though and refill it with Private Stock. Yo, ho, ho.

Don't just look HERE, but many other sites give PS it's due. If you like 'sweet and smooth', PS is hard to beat for the price...

At any rate, I am a 'sweet and smooth' type and have yet to get any dependable recommendations! (hint)

Lots of good drinking around, but none more 'sweet and smooth' for the price!

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