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Originally Posted by RobertBurr View Post
Bob acquired a 195 liter barrel for us from Angostura that we're letting age. We'll take a bit out now and then, but plan to leave it resting for a long time.

I put this photo up on another thread but thought this is a more appropriate place for it. This is the said barrel aging away in front of my desk, what a great view!!! The hardest decision now is when to crack it open and start drawing from it, mind you there is plenty to go around!! It is aging at 160 proof so needs to be watered down (maybe!!). I have an empty Appleton barre sol I could fill it half full and dilute both and Robert could smuggle his back to South Florida!!! If the duties were not so high I could send it over to Rum Rennaisance in May to share with all the MOR members.
Now that is a good idea and be a great attraction.
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