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Originally Posted by RobertBurr View Post
Captain Morgan on the rocks is not the worst thing you could drink. When the ice melts a bit, it gets a little more interesting. The 100 is their answer to Sailor Jerry. It's a bit hotter and richer, not necessarily smoother. The Private Stock has a lot more barrel flavor, but does not compare to the richness of the Gosling Old Rum, which improves over Gosling's quite a bit with age.
I assumed it was smoother when my friend said it was sweeter. Usually in my opinion the sweeter rum is the easier it is to put down the hatch My fault for assuming.

I dont buy captain morgan to drink straight per say but due to my procrastination problem and the fact I drink rum straight about 5X more than I do with cola or OJ, I run out of my first choices quicker and Im left with Captain Morgan.

Again I dont mind it straight (and its definitely not the worst. that IMO goes to bacardi Gold. Because of Bacardi Gold I've vowed never to drink anything bearing the Bacardi name again.) Just trying to get the best bang for my buck. If I can have something to mix and taste GREAT straight that would be fantastic. Plus no rum collection is complete without the captain IMO.

(Also would like to reiterate that I dont really fall in line with a lot of rum enthusiasts Ive met out there. I tend to stick with the sweeter rums...maybe thats the reason I like captain)

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