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Default Which is better straight Original captain morgan or 100 Proof or Private Stock

I buy captain morgan orginal spiced rum to add to cola. But sometimes I wish I didnt spend so much money on something that 95% of the time Im just going to mix. Dont get me wrong captain morgan doesnt taste bad straight its just I wish it could hold its own against some of my other rums on the rocks.

Alas one of my other rum loving buddies told me about Captain Morgan 100 Proof. He tells me it is smoother and sweeter with more drinkability than the original. He also tells me you really cant tell the difference when mixed with cola. So I come here to this forum asking this:
Which is better on the rocks? 100 proof or Original? Also what about private stock?

My personal preference is Sweet and Smooth

None of my buddies have tried private stock but Im considering that as well
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