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Default Introduction of a rum loving Swede

Hello fellow rum-lovers

Roughly 1½ years ago, I discovered rum.

One day wife said to me: I want to go to Cuba, and like any good husband I agreed to go. I had had rum before (Captain Morgan, silver Bacardi, Doorly's 6y), but none of them where something I'd pay to drink. While in Cuba I tried several local rums (Santiago de Cuba, Legendario, Ron Varadero etc.) and realized that this tasted nothing like the rums I'd had before.

We brought home some bottles and shortly there after I began browsing forums (obviously not this one since I've only registed today), Facebook, podcasts and just online generally . Now I have roughly fourty different bottles, from fifteen different brands / distillers, my current goal is to sample everything at least twice so I don't accidentally miss something that could be magnificent.

Luckily for me, I live just thirty minutes from the worlds northernmost rum destillery, even tho they currently don't have rum for sale (at the moment all of their rum is resting in barrels), they offer tastings of both rum and whiskey on a regular basis - which is great for up and coming rum lovers like me.

I started with very sweet rums (Diplomatico, Zacapa etc) but have moved over a bit more to Demerara and Barbados rums, and I'm slowly working my way towards Jamaica and Trinidad, and looming on the horison I see Agricol and Cachaça.

Well, that's it for me. Now go get some rum.
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