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Default Spanish Court Ruling Favorable to Havana Club

Havana, Apr 25
Source: (Prensa Latina)

The Provincial Court of Madrid, Spain, has rejected the Bacardi claims over ownership of the Havana Club rum, according to the spokesperson for the distribution firm of the Cuban spirit with headquarters in Havana said.
A report by the distributor, Havana Club International S.A., said that the court rejected the demand by Bacardi over ownership of the brand in Spain.
The court considered unfounded the arguments presented for the claim, as the Havana Club brand was never used by the previous owner and neither was it renewed when the time to do so expired.
It was also recognized that prestige of Havana Club is based on efforts and investments by Havana Club International, S.A.
It was also the court's opinion that the objective of Bacardi was to undermine success achieved by a rival which was taking its market share.
The court considered that selling a rum brand with the name Havana, which was not produced in Cuba, constitutes a deception of consumers.
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