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Originally Posted by Chicago Rum Dummy View Post
Hello, all!

After almost 20 years of craft beer being my tipple of choice, in 2019 I discovered the joy of preparing cocktails for my family + friends. As I did so, I quickly figured out that while I certainly enjoy most distilled spirits, the huge breadth of variety proffered by rum held a special appeal.

Over the past year I've learned just enough to realize just how little I know. As such, I suspect I'll mostly spend time here in read-only mode until I feel like I've got enough knowledge to make useful contributions to the discussions.

Sam's Liquor in Chicago use to be the best liquor store in the country. Sold to Binny's, now everything is ordered by sku. Try a simple drink like a Ti' Punch made with Rhum Agricole. Let your palate experience 40-55% Agricole. You will be able to distinguish and acquire a personal preference soon.
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