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Adam, I hear ya. I just now noticed that... "Build your own Bacardi Mojito for $4" at the bottom of the menu.

Probably simply following all the marketing buzz (we still see the Bacardi mojito commerical on TV here now and again).

I would say though, their rum selection overall is not too bad, considering what you'd find in pretty much any other standard bar. I guess though since this is in a Pan-Latin restaurant, they're obligated to at least have "some" decent rums available, and they've done a decent job at it.

I find the D'Aristi intriguing and want to give it a try. There's a couple others on there that I've not had that I'm going to try as well.

As luck would have it for me - there is a Drury Inn within walking distance of the restaurant, so that is where I will be staying tomorrow night, so I can sample and enjoy as much as I want (and I LOVE Pan-Latin food as well).

I'll have to come check your place out in Philly some time! I have a co-worker in Sellersville, I'll have to make some excuse to go out and visit him.

And I will WALK to the Wapango - NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE... not even a little!
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