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Ed, I'll try my best to help you keep this list current.

I can add the following:

The Gibson (no website, but good info here) which also features Tiffany's Tiki Nights on Sundays. They have good rhum agricoles, and I know that they like to use Brugal Aсejo in many cocktails.

Bourbon (two locations), despite the name, has good rum, too, and bartenders who know how to make good rum drinks.

PS7 has a great bar manager in Gina, and while she's well-versed in the classics, rum enthusiasts would do well to simply point her in the rum direction and just let her do the cocktail voodoo that she does so well.

Coming soon:

Cuba Librй is opening a D.C. location, in the Chinatown area of town.

Jack Rose (no website yet) on 18th St. (Adams-Morgan neighborhood) will feature Neisson and La Favorite Rhum Agricoles, as well as John D. Taylor Velvet Falernum, and The Scarlet Ibis (bottled for Death & Company in New York City, by Haus Alpenz)

The W Hotel is opening in D.C. on July 8th, and bar manager Justin Guthrie (formerly of Central) will be resuming his outstanding cocktail program therein. The man knows his rums, that's for sure.

More info as I learn about these things and have time to report them :-)
"Anyway, rum's not drinkin', it's survivin!" - Romer Treece (Robert Shaw) "The Deep"
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