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I looked for Cockspur and found the gold at Gordon's in Waltham. The 12 is worth a trip, but the gold is fairly generic.

Blanchard's has some of the El Dorados.

If you try Kappy's, the one one Rt 114 in Peabody generally has a better rum selection.

The St James is hit or miss. I've seen it often, but not reliably.

A great rum trip is in Brookline. There's a Marty's, a Blanchard's, and Brookline Liquor Mart all with a few blocks of each other. I can't be sure if you'll find any of those rums (perhaps St James at Marty's) but it's a good trip to hit all three worthwhile rum stores so close to each other.

Liquor Land is another one of my favorite stops in Boston.
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