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Originally Posted by KINGSTON View Post
Both styles of Rums produce Great Bottles and duds. I have to say I drink far more RUM than RHUM. I have to say I respect the artistry of Rhum Agricole. It has really caught on of late and should be respected for its labor intensive production. BUT….. I can not stand the title of Rum Industrial. It conjures up an image that some how that kind of Rum is inferior to Agricole. Please explore both worlds your palate will thank you-

Some of my favourites
RUM: Appleton Estates, Zaya & Mount Gay
RHUM: Barbancourt, Depaz & 10 Cane
Can you suggest to me a French Rhum Industriel you have enjoyed?

Only the French use the word Industriel to describe their own product. They do not suggest rum, or rhum made elsewhere needs to feel obligated to take the same term, and in fact no other country has.

The notion that all other rum made in the world is "Industrial"( outside of Agricole) just because the French choose to name their own such seems a bit hollow to me.

I have explored both, and continue to enjoy both.
Waylaid in the West Indies

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