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An interesting question. There are quality distillers of both types who make wonderful products. I understand your question, and the best I can come up with is that is that cane juice rum, which the French named agricultural, in general tastes very different than molasses rum, which they called industrial in a kind of put down.

I found the real difference to be in taste, not quality. I love many molasses rums, for example El Dorado, Doorleys, Mount Gay, Angostura. Have maybe 40. Each different of course but all from molasses. My first experience was with St James Ambre, a cane juice rum. And I really didn't like it. Really pungent and tasted way too caney or grassey if you will, nothing at all like the molasses rums. And I would have never tried it again, but ran across a really low price on St James Extra Old (another cane-juice rum), and decided to give cane juice rum another try.

Still caney, but not nearly so pungent and overwhelming. More sweet tones. And this time I liked the experience more. Now I still prefer molasses, but the St James Extra Old will remain in my collection for a once-in-awhile change. Actually I think the Extra Old would be a nice economical experiment for you that you might like.
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