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Does making rum out of molasses make an inferior product compared to sugar cane juice?
May I suggest that you and your colleagues try the rums from Jamaica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Austrailia, Venezuela, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Trinidad, USA, Antigua and Starr African Rum from Mauritius. Most of these rums are molasses based and in my opinion make incredible cocktails, punchs and sippin' rums. I think you'll find that they are the equal of the finest Rhums from Martinique.

You might discover something called 'terroir'. Rums from Spanish places and rums from English places and rhums from French places all have a certain similarity to each other in overall taste. Kind of like Scotch Whisky from the Highlands have a certain quality in common as opposed to Scotch from Islay which have another affinity in common. Both are Scotch Whiskies, however.

There are "orphans" which are unto themselves, for example Haitian rhums which are distinctly different then the other French Islands.
Hey, you might like them all! The readers of this forum certainly do.
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