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Welcome to the forums where you'll find a lot of information about the different rums of the world. As for rhum agricole and rhum industriel, these are really style differences. Just as there are good, and poor, rums made from molasses there are also good, and poor, rums made from sugar cane juice.

On Martinique, rhum agricole is considered better than rhum industriel or rhum traditionnel by the distillers that make both products. On the other hand, on other islands there are distillers who have traditionally made molasses based rums working on new products which will be made from sugar cane juice.

Rhum agricole is more expensive to make than rhum made from molasses since it can only be made a few months a year and the cane must be crushed at the distillery, which requires a sugar cane mill and associated steam boiler or other power plant. Molasses based rum, on the other hand, can be made anywhere in the world, requires much less power to make and can be made all year round making it a less expensive product to make.
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