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Bacardi Superior is at the top of my list. Of course, it was also at the top of my list when I was in high school but for different reasons. Now that I've acquired a taste for rum, I just don't like the profile Bacardi offers.

I've also found I wouldn't buy Sailor Jerry's again for rum. It's a great mixer and I've enjoyed it on many occasions. However, it just doesn't taste like rum to me. It tastes like a great alcohol to mix with something else. That's the rub. If I want rum, I want it to taste like rum. That why I won't do Sailor Jerry's again if I want to taste rum.

Malibu is also off my list. A summer holiday in the keys was met with the promise of a wonderful cocktail: diet Coke and Malibu. I was clued in right off the bat, but I still gave it a try. It was an okay mixed drink/cocktail, but it wasn't rum. No go there.

Fortunately, there are still so many wonderful rums out there. I can't complain when I can only come up with three that are definitely off limits.
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