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Woulden't you know it? This is one of my favorite Italian wines. I have to go see if I have any 2003. The shame of it is that those of us that have been drinking wine for years have been effected by producers changing the flavor profiles to fit what I call the "new" American palate. There is a large amount of people who are new to drinking wine, and thier tastes have not matured enough to enjoy the taste of the fuller, richer reds, like those produced in Italy for years.
There has been some discussion amongst wine drinkers that there has been a change in some of the Italian reds, and others. My thought was that they just need more time in the bottle, since wine vintages can be very different from year to year, and so many things can come in to play, such as weather, etc.
Rum is the answer. What was the question?

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