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Jmac - I did go to the store (in Illinois) today in Fairview Heights. You are right - the actual store is called Randall's (the internet biz is Internet Wine and Spirits).

A good-sized store, about the size of three standard shopping plaza tenant stores with the walls knocked down between them.

I went a little craizer in there than expected. My original intent was to buy two bottles of Brinleys Gold Coconut Rum and a bottle of Angostura 1919 if they had it in stock.

Well, they have the Brinley's (store prices are better than their published internet prices). Unless I am mistaken, this seems to be the only place in Illinois you can get Brinley's Gold (they carry coconut and vanilla). If someone else has it, it is not advertised on the web.

They had such a nice selection, I broke ranks with my "plan" and went a little haywire, buying things that were good bargains in comparison to what I'd find at home, and of course a few items not available to me (Brinley's, One Barrel).

I picked up (one bottle each):
Brinley's Gold Coconut Rum
One Barrel
Goslings Black Seal (better price than home - $17.99 vs $19.99)
Tortuga Gold Banana Flavored Rum
Sailor Jerry's (better price than home - $11.99 vs $15.99)
Don Q Cristal
La Favorite (Blanc)
Whaler's Dark (cheap, $11.99)

Also bought Patron Citronage (better price than home $22.99 vs $24.99)

I thought they had a pretty impressive selection when it came to rums and also Kentucky Bourbons and whisky products.

Items that I recall standing out since I couldn't get them at home:
Tanduay (two different types)
Several different Brazilian Cachacas
Cubaney (two types)
Tortuga - white, gold, banana, coconut, vanilla
Plantation Reserve
Niesson Blanc (two types)
LaFavorite (two types)

Other goodies:

Zaya 12 yr
(four different Barbancourts)
Pritchards Dark
Nearly all the Cruzan rums
Good selection of overproof rums
El Dorado (most types)

I spent more than I should have, but it was like a candy store! I think you'll enjoy when you go.

P.S. If I have time tomorrow, I will go to the STL affiliate store, but I will lock my wallet in the trunk!

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