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Originally Posted by Illogical View Post
Has anyone here made a tincture rum using their favourite herb?

With it's social acceptability increasing, medicinal properties being recognised and seemingly imminent decriminalisation - is it the right time to start talking more openly about such uses?

I do not smoke, having given up years ago - however I refuse to be dictated to by governments on what I can and cannot do with my body and would certainly consider making a delicious rum tincture for occasional recreational or medicinal use.

Anyone share my philosophy and are willing to share their experiences or recipes?

If not, then never mind. Do not think bad of me for asking.

If this subject is a step too far for the forum - please delete it, I will understand and hold no bad feelings about it and on my part no remorse.
Panama Red was almost a brand name for weed back in the day...More recently a distiller has co-opted the brand. Just before dope became legal here in Canada, there was a tv clip about cooking with grass, and of course the chef was using Panama Red. Well I have a bottle, and I don't much care for it, so I put a bunch of my 10/17 plant's flowers in it. Haven't tried it yet, so don't know if it has any medicinal value or not.
(10/17/18 was the date that Canada legalized/commercialized marijuana, so i grew a plant to commemorate the event. I haven't actually smoked anything for fifty years.)
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