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Default Review: Armazem Viera Onix

I pondered this purchase for a while. While I can stomach and tolerate "Cachaca" it is not my first choice. I saw it on a close out deal the final bottle left on a bottom shelve. I researched it and pondered if for almost 2 weeks. It was still there so I snagged it at 79.99 plus tax.

This is a 16 year old aged Brazilian "Rum" per the bottle. It is aged in native Brazilian wood made barrels from the Aririba and Grapea Trees.

Production back round

Armazem Vieira uses the cana fita or crioula (creole) species (Saccharum sinense) of sugarcane, which was originally brought from the Azores and Madeira islands.

After crushing in the waterwheel powered mill, the garapa (fresh sugar cane juice) is boiled in copper trays to reduce and sterilize it. To the resulting a melado (sugarcane honey) is added water and regional wild yeast, initiating fermentation. The “wine” is distilled in one pass through a traditional alambique copper pot still, to 48% ABV.

Armazem Vieira ages its spirit for up to 20 years in barrels made from a species of wood known as Aririba, grown in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest*. Aririba imparts a unique color, bouquet, and taste.("

I was so interested in this mystery bottle that costs quite a bit even on sale it jumped to the top of my list. I figured I would give my 2 cents about this rum as it is rare and hard to find info about.

A quick swirl of the glass reveals both long quick forming and very slow forming legs. Eventually the glass appears to be a like a windshield of a sitting car in a very light drizzle. Liquid is stuck there suspended on the sides of the glass in droplets. Very interesting color here. For a spirit aged this long I have never seen one so light in color. It is a pale yellow color.

This smells a bit like Leblon to me. It is more subtle and subdued on the nose that Leblon is but similar. To be more precise I get the scent of sugarcane, citrus, and pepper. An almost brine like scent.

The taste wow.

For a spirit that has different legs forming in the same glass, its no surprise that this comes at you in multiple dimensions. The smallest sip produces incredible flavors. The finish on this lasts forever.

It starts out in the mouth like a very light sugar cane juice, then quickly turned into an incredibly intense quite offensive spice hit, then it takes you on a ride into its finish which produces many complex flavors which ends to me with a note of sweetness. This is a very smooth spirit all around.

Overall, I'm not sure if I would buy this again given its price point. I was not quite floored by this one. If I had one word for this it would be unbalanced. The flavors are all very nice but don't seem to work together. The heavy spice hit is proceeded and then ended with very light subtle flavors. While the finish is long enough and sweet enough at its end to resolve this issue I can't ignore the overly strong note which spoils my unfettered enjoyment. It was not like a bottle of more traditional rum where I would always be going for seconds.

But.. I'm glad I tried this one. Cheers

Here is a picture:
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