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Default Hello from Superior's North Shore!

Hello from the North Shore of Lake Superior.

I became interested in classic cocktails a couple of years ago and love a great classic style Martini or Manhattan. While browsing the internet, especially the mixology blogs for ideas, reviews and resources, I stumbled on which ultimately led me here. My interest in cocktails and spirits was an evolution of my hobby of homebrewing. I make my own cocktail cherries, cure my own olives and have recently made my own falernum.

I usually enjoy rum in cocktails, classic or otherwise, but occasionally enjoy one straight up, and making my own real daquiri's, mai tai's and many others from fine rums and fresh ingredients was an enlightenment, and I now keep my home bar well stocked with a variety of rums. Something I like to do for fun is take a cocktail recipe based on another spirit and adapt it for rum. Try a Corpse Reviver No. 2 and replace the gin with your favorite rum and the lemon with lime.

Two of my favorite rums at this time are 10 Cane and Ron Zacapa Centenario. I recently tried Smith and Cross traditional Jamaican rum, and it is now on that list, but I can't obtain that locally.

I look forward to participating.
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