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Originally Posted by forrest View Post
Or maybe you could just get the barrel (or any barrel) and purchase bulk rum from a 'regional' distiller???
Only a few distillers can actually sell you alcohol from their still. In accordance with the three tier system, distillers have to sell to distributors who can only sell to distributors who can only sell to the trade.

A few small distillers have been able to get state licenses so they can sell bottles in their gift shop.

A few years ago I aged some rums bought at liquor stores and aged it in a small barrel. In a cool climate it isn't too hard to keep up with the evaporation, but the wood influence can be hard to manage unless you have a lot of thirsty friends.

On my boat I keep a 5 liter barrel of rum and top it off with various bottled rums from the island liquor stores.
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