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hmm... interesting idea... I, too, wonder about the advantages of doing this. I doubt you'll have much success buying a large bulk quantity from a distiller and getting it back to the states. If you want to do this just for experimentation purposes or to 'have a barrel of rum' I'd go with the 1000oaks barrel - they are available with a 'light char' in 3 or 5gal, I believe, then get a quality light rum that can be had fairly cheap - I'd go with Cruzan light (~$15/1.75L) and put it in the barrel If you'd like to age it and add more oak /smokey flavors and darken it, I've had good success at taking thin strips of oak and charring them on my wood fired grill and inserting them into your aging rum. (the more strips, the more surface area, the quicker it 'ages') Let age and enjoy! By the time you buy the barrel, the rum and let it age, you are probably better off just buying a bunch of quality rums, but if you want to age it yourself and have a barrel - there you go!

The other option - at least around here - one can buy used whiskey barrels at the farm store to use as rain barrels. But that is a LOT of rum!!!eek.gif
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