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Default Cruzan Single Barrel (New Bottle)

About one month ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Simon Mooney, the local Brand Ambassador for BeamGlobal, who had dropped by with a sample bottle of the new Cruzan Single Barrel Rum. His wish was for me to put the rum through the paces of my review system and to see what came out. I was mildly surprised as the Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum was one of my very first rum reviews. Then again maybe I should not have been surprised, as Simon has been a reader of my blog for a while now, and he must have noticed that the review I had previously done was for the older bottling of the Cruzan Rum. Perhaps the blend has changed, or perhaps, this being a Single Barrel offering with each bottling representing a unique barrel of rum, each return to a new batch will be a little different. Whatever the reason for the sample bottle, I was only too happy to oblige with a new review of the new bottle.

Here is an excerpt from the new review:

“…Once poured, I immediately noticed a rich toffee scent which seems to have a nice oak spice embedded in the aroma. I catch hints of maple in the breezes as well as vanilla and orange citrus peel. In all, this is a rich pleasant nose that brings all the right elements to the fore….”

You may read the new review by clicking the link:

Review: Cruzan Single Barrel
The Rum Howler Blog
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